Brian Ortega's Wife

Who is Brian Ortega’s wife, the number 2 ranked UFC Featherweight fighter? 


Brian Ortega is one of the most entertaining fighters on the roster and has always been pretty open about his personal life. He is married to his former girlfriend, Stephanie Roberts, who graduated from West High School in 2009. Stephanie and Ortega have two children – however, they separated for unknown reasons. They have two children together. 


Here’s everything you need to know about Brian Ortega’s wife. 

Who is Brian Ortega dating right now?

Brian Ortega is currently dating fellow UFC superstar, Tracy Cortez. He was married to his former girlfriend, Stephanie Roberts, but they seperated. 

The relationship between Brian and Tracy began when ‘T City’ commented on Cortez’s Instagram post, saying “ F*** it ima shoot my shot.” After that, they started hanging out, and were seen together innumerable times. Cortez also helped Ortega train for his fight against Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 266 and she can be seen in his corner as well during the fight.


Tracy Cortez is Brian Ortega’s girlfriend in 2023 and this story blossoms into a love affair. Ortega proposed to Cortez, and she said yes, this was confirmed as Laura Sanko noticed her engagement ring and wrote, “Girrrrrrllll!!! That ring is (wow)…Tell me I’m not making stuff up?!” Cortez confirmed the news as she wrote, “I said yes.”

Does Brian Ortega have any kids with his current girlfriend?

Brian Ortega is dating Tracy Cortez – and no, he doesn’t have any kids with her. Their relationship has just started out, and it’s only recently that Ortega proposed to her. Besides, Cortez is also an active fighter and at the peak of her career, which implies she’ll probably take time before considering starting a family and having kids. 


Legendary UFC women’s competitor Miesha Tate has described the struggles of starting a family during a career in MMA, when speaking to MMA Fighting:


“Sometimes you feel like there’s nothing else. Like who am I if I’m not Miesha Tate the fighter? Well, I answered those questions. I’m Miesha Tate the mother. I’m Miesha Tate, vice president of ONE Championship. I’m Miesha Tate the commentator. I’m Miesha Tate interviewing people. I’m Miesha Tate creating content on YouTube. Whatever I put my mind to, and I think that helped me, too.”

Brian Ortega and Halle Berry’s relationship 

Brian Ortega dated the Hollywood superstar, Halle Berry in 2019. He took to his instagram to post with her – and in an interview, he admitted to being associated with her. Ortega said, 


“After we became followers of each other on Instagram, we kept in touch. A little while after that, she reached out saying she found out more about me and saw what I was all about and reached out to want to train with me for her movie. I told her ‘of course and it would be an honor to work with you and help you out for your movie.’”


That’s all we know about Brian Ortega’s girlfriend. As soon as we receive more information, we will update this space – stay connected with us!

Brian Ortega net worth

As of 2023, Brian Ortega is reported to have a net worth of $1.25M. 


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