Brendan Schaub's wife

Brendan Schaub, the former MMA fighter is happily wed to long-time girlfriend Joanna Zanella whose profession is an actress, sportscaster, and entrepreneur.

Who is Joanna Zanella?

Joanna Zanella is widely known for being the spouse of former MMA fighter Brendan Schaub. She also won the title of Miss Mexico Fox Sports USA in 2009.

Born in West Hollywood, California on the 5th May 1988, to Juan Carlos Camberos and Leticia Zanella Allen. Her family moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, when Joanna was still very young, where she spent most of her childhood years.

Similarly, this beauty was raised by her parents along with her younger brother, Steven Camberos. Joanna also shares a close bond with her grandma with whom she spent most of her childhoo. Subsequently, Joanna and her family again moved to the US after spending about ten years in Mexico. They are now settled in Southern California.

How Did Brendan Schaub and Joanna Zanella Meet?

It is not known how they first met and when the duo started dating but as per many reports, it looks like the couple rushed things or they were just simply crazy in love with each other. Because after dating for just about two years, Joanna gave birth to their first child in 2016, followed by their second child in 2019.

What Does Joanna Zanella Do For a Living?

Joanna Zanella’s profession primarily spun around the sports circuit, she also built her reputation by appearing on the screens, for both big and small roles.

She made her film debut in 2009 ‘’Un dia en el banco’’. After her film debut, she has also appeared in two more films and one TV series.

Furthermore, Joanna also has her very own clothing company called ‘JZSTYLE’.

In an interview with Voyage, Joanna said that it was difficult for her to reach where is today.

She also previously worked as a commentator for the UFC. Currently, the 34-year-old is a TV presenter at Fox Deportes, the 1st sports channel in the US in the Spanish language.

Do Brendan Schaub and Joanna Zanella Have Any Children?

The couple has two beautiful sons together as a token of their love. They welcomed their first baby in 2016 whose name is Tiger Schaub. After officially tying the knot, the pair were blessed again with a second child in 2019 whose name is Boston Schaub.

Brandan Schaub and Joanna Zanella’s Wedding

Brandan Schaub and Joanna Zanella were engaged in 2017 after dating for several years. Details about the couple’s wedding are completely scarce. The couple exchanged their vows in a discreet ceremony with just close friends and family.

Although the couple always looked happily in love, it was later revealed in 2019 that they had a falling out as there were lots of issues in their marriage. The couple was on the verge of divorce but somehow the Pandemic saved their marriage. So as of now, the couple looks happier than ever with their two adorable sons.

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