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Born on June 1, 1970, Panayotis Alexander Lalas is a retired American football player who primarily played defense. Lalas’s most well-known contribution to the American men’s national football team comes from his 1994 World Cup participation. Following the World Cup, Lalas joined Calcio Padova in Serie A, Italy, and became the country’s first American player.


Recently, there has been much speculation regarding Alexi Lalas’ wife—here’s everything you need to know about Anne Rewey!

Who is Alexi Lalas?

Alexi Lalas is an American football player who was born in Birmingham, Michigan, to an American mother, Anne Harding Woodworth and a Greek father, Demetrios Lalas. His mother is a well-known poet, while his father was a professor who rose to become the head of Greece’s national observatory. 

In addition to his native Greek and English, Lalas also speaks Italian and Spanish. Lalas has two kids and is married. Greg Lalas, his younger brother, is the Chief Marketing Officer at the United Soccer League and was formerly a professional soccer player.


Lalas was a student at Bloomfield Hills, Michigan’s Cranbrook Kingswood School. He didn’t start playing football until he was eleven years old, but by the time he was a senior in 1987, he had enough skill to win the 1987 Michigan High School Player of the Year award. 


He was captain of his high school hockey team, which won the state title, and played football. Lalas was evaluated in 1987 for the Ontario Hockey League Midget draft, but he was not ultimately chosen. 

Who is Alexi Lalas’ wife, Anne Rewey?

Alexi Lalas’ wife is Anne Rewey. She first gained popularity in the media when she was revealed to be the wife of retired soccer player Alexi Lalas. During the 1994 FIFA World Cup, Alexi was a member of the US team and primarily played defense. Lalas was a member of several teams during his professional career, including the New England Revolution.


The former football star has been married to Anne Rewey for a considerable amount of time. After a while of dating, they got married in 2002. And now, after 20 years of cohabitation as husband and wife, Rewey and Lalas are parents to their own children. The couple got married, and he is now the proud father of two kids.

About their relationship: 

Lalas and Rewey have been sharing the role of husband and wife for a considerable amount of time. Their romance started a long time ago, and it is said that the couple were married in 2002 after dating for a while. They were joined by their family and close friends in a modest wedding ceremony.


The pair has a low-key life; thus, further information about their marriage is unknown. Rewey and her spouse lead a happy life and show no signs of divorcing. 


Rewey and her spouse, Alexi, got married twenty years ago and are now parents to a child. Two children, a girl and a son, are a blessing. 


After the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sophie, they became parents for the first time. Later, they welcomed a boy named Henry, bringing their family size to three. The foursome resides together, and Alexi occasionally shares pictures of them on Instagram.

Anne Rewey’s Net Worth

We don’t know the specifics of Anne’s occupation, so we are unable to offer information on her salary and net worth because we do not have access to her career details. However, given that her spouse, Alexi, has accumulated a sizable amount of wealth, we can claim that Rewey has an opulent life. With Alexi’s projected net worth of over $1 million and her husband Lalas’s estimated net worth of $10 million, Rewey and Lalas lead opulent lives.

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