Alexandra Pantoja's Wife

A mixed martial arts fighter from Brazil, currently fighting for the UFC, Alexandre Pantoja is the Flyweight champion of the Resurrection Fighting Alliance and Shooto Brazil. Having played over 30 MMA fights, winning 25 of them, Pantoja is a top fighter – best known for his domination. He plays for the Black House. 

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation about Pantoja’s wife. Here’s everything you need to know about Alexandre Pantoja’s Wife!

Who is Alexandra Pantoja?

Born on April 16, 1990, Alexandre Pantoja Passidomo is a Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter, currently ranked as #2 in the UFC flyweight rankings. In 2014, he moved to the United States and joined the Resurrection Fighting Alliance, where he clinched the RFA Flyweight Championship in December 2014. Pantoja began competing in the flyweight division of the UFC in 2017, and four years later, he was ranked #3 in the flyweight rankings.


While Pantoja developed a passion for fighting at an early age, he made his professional debut in 2007, amassing a 14-2 win-loss record while competing in local and regional tournaments in Brazil. He competed in Hikari Fight, Rocinha Fight, Watch Out Combat Show, Shooto Brazil, WFC, Fatality Arena, and MMA Fight Show. Read on to learn about his wife…

Who is Alexandra Pantoja’s Wife, Gabryella Gouvêa Pantoja?

Alexandra Pantoja’s wife is Gabryella Gouvêa Pantoja. She’s a homemaker and takes care of the children. Gabryella and Alexandra started dating in 2008; we don’t know how the couple met and what got them started, but we do know that a few years after they met, they got married. Again, very little is known about their marriage and relationship. 


As per sources, Gabryella is a stay-at-home mom and loves spending time with her kids. The lady has beautifully balanced the house, while being a rock support for his husband, Alexandra. She’s not that active on social media, but posts from time to time.  Whenever Pantoja gets his much-needed break from the UFC, they fly off to exotic locations and spend their days lazing around at the beach with their kids. They are a beautiful family of four. In case we find more information about her, we will update this space – until then, stay connected with us!

Gabryella Gouvêa Pantoja net worth

Gabryella Gouvêa Pantoja was born and raised in Brazil and owns a Brazilian passport. She’s a Latino of Brazilian descent and follows Christianity as her religion. Gabryella is a homemaker and enjoys her husband’s net worth. There is no information available about her net worth and annual income in the public domain. 

Alexandra Pantoja and Gabryella Gouvêa Pantoja Children

Alexandre Pantoja and Gabryella Gouvêa Pantoja have 2 sons named Cauã Pantoja and Nicolas ‘Nick’ Pantoja. As per sources, they are both quite young – however, there’s no information whatsoever surrounding the two boys. The couple has managed to keep their kids’ information private, but in case we find any information, we are sure to inform you guys. Please stay connected with us for all future updates!

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