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AJ Green, a well-renowned professional football wide receiver, has achieved remarkable success in the National Football League. However, many people don’t know that he’s an adoring father to two children and husband to his wife, Miranda Brooke. Miranda is a prominent singer and fashionista hailing from Tennessee. 

This article dives deeper into the story of AJ’s accomplishments on and off the field and Miranda’s career and life as she stands beside him.

Who is AJ Green?

AJ Green is a professional American football wide receiver who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL and was drafted as the 2011 fourth overall pick. Having developed a passion for this sport from an extremely early age, he began playing football at his college in Georgia. With two years of 1000+ receiving yards and an All-Pro in 2012 under his belt, Green also made seven Pro Bowls. 

In 2019, Green suffered an ankle sprain that placed him on the Injured list – however, despite this challenge, he still managed to have six seasons with 1000 or more receiving yards. No wonder his accomplishments are great, but his dedication and passion towards the sport is even greater!

Read on to learn more about AJ Green’s wife…

Who is AJ Green’s wife, Miranda Brooke?

Miranda Brooke is a shining example of ambition and dedication. Her career began in Tennessee, where she was born and raised, and ever since then her passion for creativity has been palpable. From performing to writing music from a young age, Miranda honed her skills over time to become an acclaimed singer-songwriter with her own unique style.

Not content with this achievement alone, Miranda also ventured into fashion. In 2018 she founded MB Designs – a clothing line offering high-end apparel perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s casual wear or evening gowns, Miranda ensures each piece is stylish yet comfortable too – something which has already caught the eye of celebrity icons such as Rihanna, Cardi B and Teyana Taylor.

Miranda’s success isn’t just limited to these fields either; it reflects in her personal life too! In 2015 she married the NFL’s AJ Green – one of the most successful wide receivers – with whom she now shares two beautiful children who have inherited their parents’ love of creativity and performance. Despite busy schedules due to their respective careers, AJ & Miranda ensure they take time out for themselves as a couple or with their family whenever possible.

Through sheer hard work combined with determination and loyalty to her passions, Miranda Brooke has achieved incredible success across multiple disciplines – making her an inspirational role model for anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps! She demonstrates that anything is achievable if you put your heart into it no matter how many obstacles may arise.

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