NFL quarterback is possibly one of the most difficult positions to play in all professional sports. To compete at the highest level, you need to be able to multitask under pressure while being charged by a 350-pound lineman who is eager to put you to the ground. It takes more than just expertise to make quick decisions and the correct reads on the go. Months must be spent on game preparation, studying films, and practicing simulated methods. Today we will cover the 6 Youngest Quarterbacks in NFL History.

 1. Sam Darnold

In the first opening round of the 2018 NFL Draft, Sam Darnold was selected as the number three pick. At just 21 years old, he played in his first Monday Night Football game for the New York Jets against the Detroit Lions. His first pass, which was intercepted and returned for a score because of the pressure of the moment, was incomplete.

Despite the difficult beginning, Darnold maintained his composure to finish victorious with 198 passing yards as well as two touchdowns. In a 48-17 win, he led the Jets to victory

 2. Tommy Maddox

The 25th choice in the 1992 NFL Draft’s first round was Tommy Maddox. In 1992, the Denver Broncos quarterback started their season against the stout Oakland Raiders, but they lost. Unsurprising given that the Raiders had a reputation for using unethical tactics and were not ashamed of it. The young 21-year-old rookie’s entry into the league wasn’t the best.


Maddox won the Super Bowl XL, and in 2002, he was named Comeback Player of the Year. He has a long resume, and between 1992 and 2005, when his career came to an end, he played for seven different teams.

 3. Drew Bledsoe

In the first round of the 1993 NFL Draft, Drew Bledsoe was selected. You surely know the drill by now!


At age 21, the New England Patriots newcomer made his NFL debut in 1993 against the Buffalo Bills. He ended up losing that first game, continuing the trend of numerous other great quarterbacks who have come before him and undoubtedly will in the future. When he helped them win Super Bowl XXXVI and secured four Pro Bowl berths, all was forgotten.

 4. Alex Smith

The 2005 draft’s first round saw the addition of Alex Smith as another first-round pick. In the first game of the campaign against the Indianapolis Colts, he made his San Francisco 49ers debut. Even despite the fact that he had an 8.5 passer rating, the game wasn’t won. To put it mildly, his career passer rating of 87.4 suddenly appears to be slightly better.

Smith is the NFL’s top passer in 2017 and a three-time Pro Bowl selection.

 5. Matthew Stafford

The first overall selection in the 2009 NFL Draft was quarterback Matthew Stafford. When he was just 21 years old, he started the 2009 season against the New Orleans Saints.

Despite losing his first game, he has since had a successful career and is now the Los AngelesRams quarterback, having been chosen for the 2014 Pro Bowl.

 6. Michael Vick

Micheal Vick was selected first overall at the NFL Draft in the year 2001. For the Atlanta Falcons against the Dallas Cowboys in the 2001 season opener, he made his debut as a starter at age 21. Vick impressed, contributing to the argument for why he should be selected first by tossing a touchdown and no picks while leading his team to victory.

Vick remained with the squad through 2008. He later moved about as a journeyman, and his 13-year career was eventually concluded with 133 touchdowns and 88 interceptions


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