The regular season of the USFL is over. It’s time to compare the XFL’s comeback for the first time since 2020 with viewership from the second season of the four-letter spring league.

According to’s Anthony Crupi, the two leagues “finished in a dead heat.”

The XFL averaged 602,073 viewers each game while the USFL averaged 604,175 viewers per game, according to the study. The USFL is continuing in its postseason, and this weekend there will be two games before the title game. It’s not fantastic, but it’s also not awful. The question then becomes how many more viewers the networks airing the games would have had they shown alternative (less expensive) programmes.

The NFL is the apex of professional football. The rest is insignificant in contrast. This clarifies why every prior attempt at a rival league, including the one the NFL maintained for over a period, ultimately fails.

With the XFL and/or USFL, things may be different. Maybe individuals will be more inclined to gamble and consequently watch games if gambling is legalised. Real-time micro-betting can end up being the hook.

To ascertain whether such is the case will require both time and money. In the meanwhile, there is a clear road for Tuesday and Wednesday night football during the regular season, should one of these other leagues ever decide to go where the fish are.

But if the XFL, USFL, or Some-Other-F-L ever attempts to squat on a Tuesday or a Wednesday during football season, large Shield, a large fish in that pond, will start flopping around there right away.

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