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Almost every one of us has at least owns one or two Baseball jerseys hanging in our closet and although some jersey owners don’t even watch the game, they buy it just for fashion and I don’t blame them cuz who doesn’t love a baseball jersey right? 


Not only for fashion but baseball lovers wear them to support their favorite squad in class and an unavoidable source of high-fives, hugs, and unplanned chats with strangers any time you put on a game.


Forward, we have listed out to answer an easy question: What is the dopest throwback jersey to possess out of all the MLB teams? 


Clearly, this was a completely subjective post, and there are going to be contrasts of opinion.


Nonetheless, if you’re someone who loves the 1980s pullover-type jersey with flamboyant colors and 


fan of the 1980s pullover-style jerseys with bold colors and prominent collars, you’re definitely going to love what we have in store for you down below. So without further ado, here is the list of the seven coolest baseball jerseys from MLB:

  • New York Yankees

New York Yankees jersey

The New York Yankees jersey is loved by many and it’s no surprise why this came at the top of the list. The Yankees logo is very popular and is one of the world’s most well-known, and the uniforms the squad put in are no different. 


No matter the age, you can easily recognize a Yankees jersey when you glimpse one. The Yankees are not only well-known for its jersey but the squad itself has a huge following and this squad has so far won twenty-seven works series putting in basically the exact uniforms. The Yakees jersey may not have a very bold color but it definitely did make a bold choice of copying a logo from the police department.

  • Boston Red Sox 

Boston Red Sox 

So what makes the Boston Red Sox jersey so great? Well, this team’s uniforms have been worn by some of the greatest players such as Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, David Ortiz, and Mookie Betts. So is this enough to make you wear them? Nonetheless, the wording on the front is immediately noticeable and the Red Sox hang around as one of the handful teams in sports that do not set last names on the back of their home uniforms.


Boston’s jerseys gleam through for their clarity and thus have stuck around trendy across numerous decades and crazes.

  • White Sox

White Sox

The jersey of the White Sox has an adequate percentage of flops, mostly their shorts but also shows off as one of the deepest and coolest patterns in baseball history. From the pullover tops to the caps “SOX” across the chest, these uniforms exemplify the pleasingness of the top-notch design styles of their period. It is also worth mentioning that the White Sox touched down on this uniform through a pattern tournament voted on by baseball lovers decided on from about 1,600 propositions.

  • St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals’ jersey which has a logo across the front sticks around one of the most popular in all of the sports and is a standard thread through so much of the squad’s history, looking back to 1922. Several of the legenda, from Stan Musial to Albert Pujols, put on these jerseys and the franchise seldom degenerates from the look. 

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 

Los Angeles Dodgers 

The Los Angeles Dodgers have one of the best classic jerseys and many would agree to that. The Dodgers jersey remained the same essential jersey style that goes way back in their days in Brooklyn


These are classics for a reason. The Dodgers have had the same basic uniform look dating back to their Brooklyn times, the only change is from the caps “B” to the “LA”, and the names put into the backs in 1972. The Dodger’s writing, the red digits, and the neat white style stick around one of the most attractive patterns in all of the sports.

  • Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves jersey is easily recognizable because of its bright red color. Most baseball lovers would patiently wait for Sunday day matches, knowing the players are all donned in red jerseys. Among the players, Chipper Jones stood out the most and was a favorite of many. The Braves red jersey still remains popular to this day.

  • Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs

From the bold logo to the pinstripes, the Cubs jersey is one of the best classics. The Cubs have sported a contrast of their existing uniform since 1957. All the “lovable losers” who sported this jersey during the Cubs’ 108-year World Series tag drought- and the players who wore it when they won it all in 2016 – completesit part of the material of baseball legend.

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