In the sports world, there are varieties to choose from, and some sports that we don’t even know exist, yet there are some people who tend to enjoy them. Nonetheless, no matter which sport you enjoy, only a few sports conquer the rating list based on the number of fans it has and the content it offers. 

Even the best sport could seem boring to some who don’t enjoy watching the same sport but no matter how boring or complicated it looks, for a fan, it’s always the best. The same applies to the players who play the sport like it’s the best sport in their opinion. 

In this article, we have mentioned the Top 6 ‘Dumbest’ sports that everyone hates based on the boringness and complexities of the game.

Read till the end to find out why these sports are included on this list.

Top 6 dumbest sports that everyone hates

1. Cheerleading

Many people don’t understand why cheerleading is even considered a sport. But if you check the definition of sport, cheerleading is very much a sport and meets the standards of being a sport. 

Cheerleading is a sport where the cheerleaders (participants) cheer for their squad. It involves shouting slogans and performing various acrobatic tricks. This enables them to amuse the onlookers and motivate the squad.

cheer leaders

As interesting as it might sound to some people, cheerleading is placed No.1 on our list. As per most onlookers, the primary justification behind such hate is the risk it involves while executing those dangerous sounds. 

And although there are not any official restrictions and rules for protecting cheerleaders. In the past, participants have injured themselves permanently because there are no safety measures to protect them. Hence, seizing the number one place on this list of the dumbest sports that everyone hates.

2. Darts

This sport might sound interesting except if you’re the one throwing the dart. But a few minutes into the game and it gets extremely boring. Likewise, there is a good reason why people do not like to watch this sport.


The primary reason is that darts do not involve any physical activity which is a significant way to hype the spectators but just watching other people play throwing darts is way too boring.

3. Golf

In some parts of the world, golf may be considered the king of sports but did you know people seem to dislike the sport?  

There are many reasons to dislike the sport but one particular reason is due to its one rule known as the “Cactus Rule.” 


This rule notes that if your ball comes down on a cactus, you’ll have to protect your arms and legs from its spikes but you’re not allowed to cover the cactus as doing so will get you sentenced. 

It’s quite odd but true. And it doesn’t end here. This sport has many other weird and hilarious rules like the “Air rule,” “Orange rule,” and the “Flying Insect rule.” 

4. Curling

Now, this is a sport that not everyone is familiar with or even if they do, they seem to not like it. 

To put it simply, curling is an Olympic-approved sport. This sport involves two squads with four players each taking turns skating heavy, polished granite stones across the ice-curling sheet toward the target.


It’s a senseless and boring sport apart from the participants, coaches, and fans who give their all. Would you want to watch a sport about eight people shoving a heavy stone on a cold icy floor on a chilly day? Certainly not! This idea of a sport doesn’t seem to excite people at all.

5. Chess

Chess is a sport that is internationally recognized and Olympic-approved and although this is a sport almost known by everyone, it is one of the most boring sports on the planet. Playing a game of chess requires great mental stamina and ability and is equally draining for the onlookers as well. Imagine watching a game that can last for an hour or so with pin-drop silence and no physical activity. Does it sound fun to you? 


Needless to say, watching two people play with no physical contact or communication doesn’t sound fun at all.

6. Cricket

Cricket is immensely popular in South East Asia and some parts of South Africa and Australia and apart from these, I bet most of you haven’t heard of this sport before in your entire life. 


Even for cricket fans, the test match is regarded as boring. In the test match, two teams consisting of eleven players each compete against each other for a whole 5 days. The winner is then announced on who has the highest runs. Like who takes 5 days for a single game? Sounds exhausting. No wonder why cricket is one of the least-liked sports.


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