In an important event, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has decided to trigger the Xavi Simons buyout clause, paving the way for the young player to perhaps return to the club. When his contract with PSG expired last summer, Simons decided to leave the club and sign with PSV Eindhoven. Since then, he has risen quickly, putting on outstanding performances and amassing incredible stats like 22 goals and 12 assists in 48 games. He was even just called up to the Dutch national team because of his outstanding performance.


However, the club had negotiated a buyout clause worth about 6 million euros during Simons’ exit from PSG to ensure the potential of repurchasing the 20-year-old offensive midfielder in the future. PSV would have no say in the issue if PSG chose to trigger the clause and paid the specified sum. The choice to approve or reject the move ultimately lies with Simons, who has that authority.


The buyout clause for Xavi Simons, which was due to expire on July 31, has officially been decided to be triggered, according to renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano, who made the revelation on Wednesday. The player now has 26 days to thoroughly weigh his alternatives in light of this development. Several other prestigious European teams have expressed interest in Simons, which adds another level of difficulty to his decision-making process.


As Simons mulls over his options, the following weeks will be key. He must compare the prospects and possible difficulties given by other suitors versus the attraction of a potential return to PSG. The final decision is in Simons’ hands, whether he chooses to accept PSG’s offer and rejoin his previous team or pursue other options.

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