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Alex Kipman, creator and developer of HoloLens, talks about version 3 of HoloLens in a recent interview with the Australian Financial Review. He said that in the upcoming HoloLens series, you’ll see a ‘Fine View field’, which you would have never experienced before. 

Alex Kipman claimed that currently, the makers of HoloLens are focusing on the first line workers who need their hands free. He also said that myriad companies are trailing or using mixed reality while most other companies have already adopted this technology. He claimed that the sales of HoloLens have significantly accelerated in the last 18 months. 

In the interview, he also talked about HoloLens 3 and the improvements that can be expected from the device are in the areas, such as improved immersion, an increased value of what you can expect, enhanced assistance and social acceptability. Like we saw in HoloLens 2, how Mixed Reality Headset Technology was presented with new tech-savvy features. In this article, we’ll see detailed explanations of every information regarding HoloLens 3, including its release date, features and price rumours.

HoloLens 3: Release Date

HoloLens is a pair of mixed reality head-mounted smart glasses, regulated under Windows 10 operating system. It was pioneered and developed by Microsoft. It employs numerous sensors, upgraded optics, and holographic processing that melds seamlessly with the surrounding. Thus, combining with the real world and stimulating a virtual world.

Microsoft Hololens 3 display

As for the release date, recently, Microsoft announced its consumer-grade HoloLens 3, with an anticipated release date of March 2024 after the release of Apple’s XR headset. We may soon get to see the official announcement regarding its release from Microsoft.

HoloLens 3: Specs & Features

As we have witnessed in the previous versions of HoloLens, an upgrade of the Mixed Reality headset was introduced. However, the Hololens 2 lags behind in a few things – but the upcoming third edition will come with a lot better specs.  First, let’s talk about what we can expect to see in HoloLens 2. 


  • For optics: See-through holographic lens was used earlier. In the upcoming edition, we can see an enhanced version of the holographic lens
  • For Resolution: 2000, 3:2 light engines were seen, whereas in the coming edition we’ll probably see 2000+, 3:2 light engines. 
  • Regarding Holographic density: Hololens 2 uses radiants of more than 2500
  • Eye-based rendering: It is integrated with 3DC eyes positioning display optimization


  • HoloLens 2 was developed with a head, eyes and depth tracking sensor, while for depth speculation, it used Azure Kinect sensors
  • Moreover, the second edition of Microsoft hololens is integrated with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer as IMU sensors 
  • It also uses a camera sensor, encompassing an 8MP camera – with a video resolution of 1080p30.

Audio and Speech: 

  • This device uses 5 channels microphone and a built-in spatial audio speaker for a better and more stable communication

Processor and Connectivity 

  • Hololens 2 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor – with 2nd generation custom-built HPU.
  • For a stable WiFi connection, it uses 802. 11ac 2×2, whereas Hololens 2 uses advanced 5.0 Bluetooth.
  • It supports a USB Type-C cable

Microsoft Hololens 3 for military

If we talk about Hololen 3 in the comparison of the previous HoloLen i.e, HoloLen 2, you will get to see better immersion, enhanced comfort & social acceptability in glasses. You will also experience an increased value of what you’d gotten in the earlier addition. What’s more, Alex Kipman said that where HaloLen 2 weighs 500 g and consumes 8W of power, HoloLen 3 would weigh 90g – and would utilise only 2W of power. 

HoloLens 3: Pricing

As we have covered all the relevant topics including the release date, specs and features of Microsoft HoloLen 3, let’s move on to its pricing. 

The price of the first edition of Microsoft HoloLens was $ 5000 – and its second edition was up to $ 3500. Aforementioned, HoloLens 3 is going to be very lightweight – and a tech-savvy one with in-built advanced features. According to that, it might not cost as much as the last two editions. While there have been no official announcements regarding the release of Hololens 3, as soon as the date is announced, you can pre-order it!

You can order any product from Microsoft by visiting their official website. Likewise, you can order the upcoming HoloLen 3 from the store itself. According to the Microsoft policy, the one who pre-orders first gets the product delivered by next year. And so, get ready to pre-order as soon as it’s available in the Microsoft Store! Stay connected with us for further updates!

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