How To Become A Pro Gamer

For the 3.09 billion video game players around the world, it represents the dream occupation. Being paid handsome salaries to travel the world competing in tournaments with prize purses in the multi-millions, the life of a professional Esports player looks, on the surface at least, to be an unbelievably privileged position. It’s still an occupation that those outside the Esports bubble struggle to believe is real and a viable career path. But, whilst a pro gamer is very much a real career, the demands of making it into the top 1% of a game’s competitive scene are far more arduous than you may think. Join us today as we run through some of the biggest steps that go into becoming a professional gamer! 


Find Your Motivation 


As with undertaking anything in life, before committing to a career as a pro gamer, you must ensure you’re doing things for the right reasons. The thrill of competing, the satisfaction of growing your skills both in and out of the server and being a part of a community are all some of the core values of those active in the Esports industry, and those sorts of values are vital in ensuring your motivation doesn’t waver.


Positive motivation helps keep players focused and engaged. Those who are attempting to forge a path in the Esports world due to fame, fortune and a quick slice of success are only going to burn themselves out in the short term and the chances are the community and potential employers are going to see straight through it. Loving the game you play is what drives every successful Esports star, and it’s that bit of motivation that should never be forgotten, no matter how high the pyramid you scale. 


Get Your Gear


To compete with the best in the business, you’re going to need the best in class when it comes to equipment. Depending on the game, there is an array of different peripherals needed to compete at the top level, though a dependable mouse and keyboard remain the two most popular. 


There are a lot of different factors that go into choosing the right sort of equipment – varying from size, sensitivity and form factor – but it is always best practice to ensure your choice of equipment doesn’t change from across every scrim, warmup session or competitive match. We cannot stress enough how much of a pro gamer’s life in the server relies on muscle memory and instantaneous reactions, so ensuring the equipment at your fingertips feels as natural as possible is vital. 


Consistency is also key to choosing the right equipment to compete with. Event organisers are conscientious of selecting system components that don’t allow things such as lag or volatile frame rates to impact the gameplay, and your PC or laptop should follow suit. Thankfully, sponsorships from the likes of Alienware or Razer are standard for most Esports pros, meaning it shouldn’t be a worry for too long once you’ve begun to climb the competitive ladder. 


Compete And Gain Attention 


One look at the markets available with Unikrn Esports betting will show you how diverse and stacked the opportunities are for competing in most major titles across the industry. Whilst the sprawling stages and packed-out venues of tournaments like The International, IEM Cologne or Worlds might grab the headlines, it is important to remember the grassroots level of competitions was where all the best names in the business started. 


So, once you’ve gotten good at a game, how do you go about joining the competitive ranks? Once you’ve found yourself making waves in competitive lobbies and higher ranks in your selected game, start networking yourself as a standout player to make connections with fellow players of a similar skill level. 


These sorts of connections come with a whole host of unique opportunities most casual players will never be afforded. Invites to private Discord servers are the most common of these, allowing you to play in exclusive scrims and matches with a game’s elite. Not only will this help you raise your skill level and experience a unique way of playing the game, but it is precisely these lobbies where professional organisations send their scouts these days.

Just like with any other walk of life, becoming a professional Esports star requires dedication, sacrifice and the right mindset. Current professional players cite the importance of proper nutrition, healthy social life and exercise as the most important factors behind their success, and a strong mental focus is required to combat the burnout that comes from 10+ hours of practice a day. It’s a profession still reserved for the very best in the business but, hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to joining the gaming world elite!

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