Just before the start of their training camp this week, the Houston Texans made a huge change. According to several sources, C.J. Stroud, the No. 2 overall choice in the 2023 NFL Draught, and the Texans have agreed to terms on his four-year rookie deal.


Stroud’s deal has excellent terms with a $36.3 million total value that is entirely guaranteed. Notably, the agreement includes a large $23.38 million signing bonus that will be given to the gifted quarterback up front.


The fact that Stroud’s deal has a fifth-year option expands the Texans’ long-term options. This clause gives the club more freedom and control over the roster-planning process by allowing them to choose whether they wish to exercise or reject the option during the spring of 2026.


A significant milestone has been reached with this deal for C.J. Stroud as well as the Texans organisation. For Stroud, being chosen as the second overall choice in the draught is a recognition of his perseverance and hard effort throughout his football career. The Texans may build their club around Stroud for many years if they manage to secure him, giving them a potential franchise quarterback in their ranks.


The Texans have now successfully signed contracts with all nine of their 2023 draught selections thanks to Stroud’s signing. This also applies to their other first-round choice, Will Anderson, who was taken third overall and recently signed a rookie contract. This accomplishment gives the squad confidence as they get ready for the following season, knowing that they have a full roster of quality young players who are eager to contribute.


There will surely be a sense of anticipation as the squad assemble for training camp in anticipation of C.J. Stroud. The Texans faithful will be excited to see their new quarterback in action in the hopes that he can guide them to victory and ultimately bring honour to the team.

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