After losing to Chelsea in the 2021 final, Manchester City has advanced to its second Champions League final in three years. Inter Milan is making their first participation in the championship game since defeating Bayern Munich in 2010. Lautaro Martinez, the striker for Inter, emphasised City’s responsibility to win while Inter clings to their dream while expressing his team’s hard effort and rightful position in the final despite feeling the strain. The World Cup and the Champions League final, according to Martinez, who was a key player in Argentina’s 2022 World Cup victory, are two of the most important football matches. He expresses confidence that they will be prepared for the task and feels that collaboration is essential.

Simone Inzaghi, the manager of Inter, recognizes Manchester City as a good team and the current world champions. He acknowledges his delight in making it to the final with City and stresses the need of avoiding errors. Inzaghi emphasizes their excellent season-ending play and their dedication to the championship.

Three players from Inter Milan will take against their local rivals in the championship game, including former Manchester United star Matteo Darmian. Darmian stresses the need for Inter to give their best effort while recognising City’s strengths as a strong club. He believes the game will hold particular significance given his history with Manchester United and pledges to give it his best, just like his colleagues, who are feeling psychologically and physically prepared following a successful season.

In conclusion, both Manchester City and Inter Milan have advanced to the Champions League final, with City seeking atonement and Inter following their dreams. To meet City’s daunting task, Lautaro Martinez, Simone Inzaghi, and Matteo Darmian all declare their resolve and the necessity of giving it their all.


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