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The impressive season finale of Ilkay Gundogan, the captain and top scorer of Manchester City, has made his potential signing by FC Barcelona appear less certain, especially from the perspective of the Barcelona team. They remain concerned as they await final confirmation from the player. The Barcelona club seemed to have secured the German midfielder, but now they have doubts about his arrival, especially with Paris Saint-Germain also expressing interest in him.


Last week, Pep Guardiola mentioned that he hoped “Txiki succeeds” in his sporting director’s efforts to convince Gundogan to renew his contract. With the Champions League final taking place this Saturday, time is running out for Gundogan to announce his decision, and this latest news could further delay the resolution of his future.


Currently, Barcelona must negotiate with the German player regarding the well-known “fair play” clause. This clause involves the club committing to loaning players they sign if they cannot register them, while still maintaining their contracts. This situation has already occurred with the agreement involving Iñigo Martínez. However, there is a problem arising from the fact that Gundogan’s agents deny that this clause was discussed during the negotiations, as reported by ‘ACE’. They may not be willing to accept it weeks after the initial negotiations took place.


According to the French daily, PSG is reportedly interested in other Manchester City players outside Bernardo Silva and thinks Gündogan would be a wonderful match for their next endeavour, especially given the prospect of acquiring him as a free agent.


The French midfield may see substantial changes since Verratti is also speculated to be leaving the team, mostly owing to the player’s desire. This is especially true given that the midfield was the most unreliable position on the team this season. Barcelona must ascertain whether Gündogan will maintain his word and accept the contract the Barcelona club has offered him for the next three seasons since, as usual, PSG may offer better financial terms.



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