Amid a heated contract dispute, Dwight Howard, an official NBA player, condemned the team, saying that team management had offered him “65 per cent less than what they gave him the first time he came to Taiwan.” The former Howard expressed his anger with the ‘lack of transparency’ in his contract and the purported wage drop in an interview with TVBS.

Dwight shared his dissatisfaction by stating, he felt he added value to the team and yet the management made a disrespectful gesture towards him by offering him a 65% decrease in payment. He felt the offer was ridiculously low and he deserved more.

CEO Chang Chien-wei said that Howard’s contract will be based on a new calculating technique next season, which would need him to play more games going forward, given that he missed 10 of the Leopards’ 30 regular-season games.

Chang emphasized how the new incentive package is set up for “Superman” to play “hard and seriously” even though Howard won the Best Foreign Player Award last season.

With a record of 6-24 (.200), the Taoyuan Leopards had one of the poorest seasons in the history of the team.

According to FTV News, the monthly payment for the eight-time NBA All-Star’s one-year deal was said to be $200,000 per month. Throughout his past three NBA seasons, Howard made more than $2.5 million each time.

In Taiwan, the three-time NBA DPOY had a scoring total of 23.2, a rebound total of 16.2, and an assist total of 5. He even stated earlier this month that he intended to assist the Sacramento Kings in winning an NBA Championship, demonstrating his ability to dominate the rim.

Given Howard’s financial status right now, a return to the NBA is more plausible. The 37-year-old will probably no longer entice NBA players to join him in Taiwan as a result of this.

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