Biggest NBA Arenas

When it comes to football/soccer most clubs have their own stadiums. However, in the National Basketball Association (NBA) only about seven teams out of 30 teams have their very own arenas. There are a total of 29 arenas out of which the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers share an arena. Most NBA squads choose to rent out the arenas for a season, an action presumed to be more economical than constructing and operating their centers. In this post, we will highlight the 6 biggest NBA arenas you need to know about.

United Center

This particular NBA arena has a capacity of 20,917 people. It is the biggest NBA arena in the world. The center is located in Chicago, United States. It was built between the years 1992 to 1994. It is home to the world-famous team Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks of the NBA and NHL respectively. The center was opened on the 18th of August 1994 and went under renovation later in 2009 and 2014 for 300 level and exterior level respectively. Another fact related to this center is that it expanded in 2016 and increased its capacity to almost 23,000 people.

Quicken Loans

The Quicken Loans stand second on the biggest NBA arenas list with a capacity of 20,562 people. It is located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The teams that belong here are Cleveland Cavaliers (an American Basketball team) and Cleveland Monsters (a hockey team). The name of this arena is now changed to “Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse”. It was earlier known as Gund Arena which got replaced by “Quicken Loans” and finally with “Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse”. It was opened on 17th October 1994 and is owned by the Gateway Economic Development Corp.  

Little Caesars

Another arena that is considered really wide and big is the “Little Caesars” present in Midtown Detroit, USA. It has a capacity of holding at least 20,400 people which is just slightly less than Quicken Loans. It was opened on 5th September 2017. It belongs to the Detroit Pistons team and is owned by the Downtown Development Authority.

Capital One

This arena is based in Washington, D.C. and holds a capacity of 20,356 people altogether. Standing fourth on the list, Capital One is one of the most cherished arenas of all time. Teams like Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards and Georgetown Hoyas Men’s Basketball belong to this arena. It was first opened on the 2nd of December 1997. The owner of this arena is Monumental Sports and Entertainment which is owned by the American businessman Theodore John Leonsis. It’s broke ground event took place on 18th October 1995. The sports that are played here include Ice Hockey, Basketball, Gymnastics and figure skating, Fighting and Wrestling and Arena football.    

Wells Fargo Center

This arena is based in Philadelphia, United States with a holding capacity of 20,328 people. A very popular arena among youngsters, it is owned by Philadelphia Flyers and Comcast Spectator teams. Before concluding the title to “Wells Fargo Center”, the arena had 3 earlier names-

CoreStates Center

First Union Center

Wachovia Center

Teams like the Philadelphia 76ers play here.

Moda Center

The last on the list but not the least. Moda Center has a capacity of 19,980 people to gather and watch the matches. The Portland Trail Blazer comes from here. It is owned by the Vulcan Inc. team and was first opened on 12th October 1995. Sports like Ice Hockey, Rodeos, Basketball and others are played here. 


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