Tanisha Wright, the coach of the Atlanta Dream, lashed out at WNBA referees after her team’s defeat to the New York Liberty. When Dream forward Laeticia Amihere was elbowed by Liberty centre Stefanie Dolson, who caused her to bleed from the lips, and only earned a flagrant-1 foul, Wright was especially incensed. Wright retaliated by passionately requesting a flagrant-2 call and was penalised with a technical foul as a result.

She got elbowed in the mouth. Blood was gushing out. And for them to only assess a flagrant-1 is absolutely ridiculous. Officiating has been notoriously bad all year.

The coach emphasised the effort WNBA players put into honing their craft and urged officials to hold themselves to the same standard.

I don’t understand how that wasn’t a flagrant-2. I really don’t. I don’t understand it. And they’re going to fine me for this, but I’m challenging [officials] to rise to their standards.

– Wright continued

Wright is quite likely to get a fine for her criticism of the referees, even if no fine has yet been published. She is, however, willing to endure any fallout from her remarks and is steadfast in her position.

The event brings to light recurring issues with the WNBA’s officiating this season. Wright’s comments capture the annoyance felt by many league members who feel that the officiating standards need to be raised. Coaches and spectators alike anticipate fair and consistent calls from officials since players devote a lot of time and energy to developing their talents.

Calls for greater officiating standards are certain to continue as the WNBA’s popularity and influence rise. There will be pressure on the league to rectify these issues and make sure the game is called fairly and correctly. Tanisha Wright and other coaches will continue to advocate for better officiating procedures and speak out in defence of their athletes in the interim.

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